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Posted on 25 Feb 2010 at 1:20am

Give me something I can look at that can make my pussy wet. You don’t know what I want to see? Well honey, the only thing I want to see is you pulling out your cock, stroking it til it’s hard and watching it spew out that tasty creamy spunk! Yeah, that would get me all so hot and horny that my nipples will probably poke out of my lingerie while my white cotton panties will look like I pissed on it coz it would be so wet with my vag juice by the time you finish jerking off. Shit! I’m such a fucking slut that I can’t stop thinking of fucking! Hey, why dontcha help me get off inside my chat room? Come on, I promise it’ll be fun. I’m gonna do things that will make you want to wish I was your girlfriend. 9631 wink BellaBionda

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